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Why Is The Thermal Printer's Handwriting Illegible?
- Dec 31, 2019 -

Why is the thermal printer's handwriting illegible?

Thermal printing is fast, low noise, clear printing and easy to use. The working principle of the thermal printer is that a semiconductor heating element is installed on the print head. After the print head is heated and contacts the thermal printing paper, the required pattern can be printed. The pictographs are generated by heating and generating a chemical reaction in the film. This thermal printer chemical reaction is carried out at a certain temperature. High temperatures can accelerate this chemical reaction.

Causes of fuzzy writing on thermal printers:

This may be caused by poor thermal paper or thermal head problems. Check the thermal paper first. If it doesn't work, try another paper. If there is no improvement, clean the thermal head and see the print results, otherwise replace the thermal head.

(1) It is mainly to see whether the entire printing format is unclear or partially unclear. If the entire printing format is unclear, the quality of the printing paper may not meet the standard; if it is partially unclear, the print head may be too dirty. Check whether there is dust or other foreign matter on the thermal head. Clean the thermal head of the print head with cotton cloth or alcohol and clean it.

(2) The thermal printer core is aging, and the resistance of the thermal film changes. A specific voltage generates less energy and cannot discolor the thermal paper.

(3) Inferior thermal paper, uneven chemical coating or low thermal sensitivity of coating, the energy generated by the semiconductor components of the thermal printer cannot or is not enough to make it discolored;

(4) The thickness of the thermal paper does not meet the requirements of the thermal printer. The gap between the paper and the paint roller is too large. Thermal printer semiconductor components and thermal paper should not be in close contact.