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Classification of Portable Printers
- Mar 12, 2020 -

Classification of portable printers

1. Portable printer for office use

It is the miniaturization and portability of printers commonly used in offices. It is mainly aimed at business people who often go on business trips or go out so that they can print various office documents with portable computers in non-fixed office places such as hotels, coffee shops, and other places. The laser printers commonly used in offices are not yet small enough to be portable because of their complex structure. But even if inkjet and thermosensitive portable printers are small enough for the tech industry, they are still too big and heavy for the user. It's hard to imagine many people traveling with laptops and portable printers. The widespread use of office portable printers also depends on advances in technology and design.

Used printing technology: inkjet, heat - sensitive. Ink-jet consumables used for ordinary paper, generally A6 size; Thermosensitive use of consumables for thermosensitive paper, smaller volume

Features: battery-powered, much smaller than the ordinary printer, even smaller thermosensitive. It can be carried out conveniently

Disadvantages: the volume still appears too large, although it can carry, but quite inconvenient. Ink-jet consumables are also slightly more expensive

Working with PC: desktop computer/laptop computer

iDPRT MT800 portable A4 size printer is the most ideal portable printer for office use which is the only mobile printer in the world to support the A4 size printing with direct thermal and thermal transfer printing methods all in one. 

2. Portable photo printer

It is mainly used for printing photos when traveling, but can also be used at home. It mainly adopts thermal sublimation technology and ink-jet technology and USES consumables for special photographic printing paper.

Portable photos can also be divided into hand-held and cards. Portable to the traditional printer manufacturers CANON, HP - based, slightly larger volume; Card type to ZINK, polaroid, Fuji - based, small size

Technology used: thermal sublimation, inkjet

Features: dedicated to photo printing, high print quality, small size, data communication protocol is generally picture bridge

Disadvantages: slow printing speed, expensive supplies

Cooperate with the upper computer: computer, digital camera

3. Portable thermal receipt printer

It is mainly used for printing receipts in outdoor and non-fixed workplaces. At present, it is widely used in the field of government departments to print law enforcement documents, logistics distribution to print traffic orders, automobile insurance to print vehicle damage orders and so on

Used printing technology: heat-sensitive, needle type

Features: very small size, only about the size of an adult's hand

Disadvantages: can only use paper printing, width generally no more than 120mm, the working time is limited by the battery power

Coordination with the upper computer: hand-held terminal for mobile phone (data collector)

4. Portable label printer

It is mainly used to print all kinds of stickers, such as bar code labels or line labels. A portable label printer has a wide range of applications in logistics, generally used in warehouse, storage yard to print logistics or packaging bar code label. The line number label is generally used to print the cable label and paste it on the cable when wiring.

Used printing technology: thermal, carbon tape

Features: small size, can be held or waist shoulder, environment adaptability

Coordination with the upper computer: dedicated handheld terminal (data collector)